Tremayne Joiner (Tre Capital) is an American Hip Hop recording artist born & raised in Los Angeles, California. His debut mixtape "Heaven Isn't Far From Here" (HIFFH) released two years ago, December 1st, 2013. The highly well recognized Gundam Pt. 1 EP premiered on Complex Magazine (COMPLEX Mag) Sept. 25, 2014 featuring Toronto's Sean Leon, Deazy, Grammy Nominated producer Wondagurl, (Travis Scott's Antidote Single) Eestbound, Prezident Jeff, Thomson, Sunny Norway & K-Beatz; receiving notable reputation within the music industry. Nine (9) months later the secondary portion of Gundam was slated for an official release. Gundam Pt. II was executively produced by Wondagurl & Eestbound with exclusive features from Mathaius Young, Danny Seth & Hudson East. The entire project was released on Apple Music symbolizing Tre Capital's Birthday, June 8th 2015. "I Can't Die Yet" is scheduled to release next year.
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